Villa Escudero

My summer this year was jam packed! Let me share to you the first place I’ve been to this hot season. Carengscapade starts here haha char! 

Villa Escudero is 2 hour drive from Metro Manila. It’s located in the boundary of San Pablo city and Tiaong, Quezon. It is known for their man made falls and coconut farm. 

"A self-contained working coconut plantation, It was founded in the 1880s by Don Placido Escudero and his wife Dona Claudia Marasigan. Originally planted to sugarcane, the crop was converted to coconut by their son Don Arsenio Escudero in the early 1900s. A pioneering agro-industrialist, he built the country’s first working hydroelectric plant to supply his dessicated coconut factory and Villa Escudero, where he and his wife Dona Rosario Adap built in 1929.

Their children opened the estate to the public in 1981. From its humble beginnings, the resort has become a prime tourist destination for locals, overseas Filipinos and a wide array of foreign visitors to the country. It has a worldwide reputation as a showcase for the Philippines’ rich cultural heritage, offering a beguiling glimpse of its history, cuisine, dress, customs and natural beauty a mere two hours away from Manila.” ( )

I went with my boyfie and his family. We never had a hard time finding the place. At SLEX, we took the exit at sto. tomas junction and just went through Alaminos and San Pablo proper. Villa Escudero is located right after the arch of Tiaong, Quezon. 

The payment i think was around 1400. They had a cultural show that’s why the price that day was higher. Even if it was a Thursday.


We were the first customer that day haha! The first thing you’ll do after the payment in the lobby is go to The Museum Tour. I was sooooo amazed with everything in the museum. Yes! ganun ako namanghang with everything inside it! And you’ll feel the same if you’ll go there.  It’s located in the pink church. Sadly, Camera was not allowed inside. 

After that, We rode a carabao drawn cart that took us to the resort. We were also serenaded with tagalog folk songs along the way. 

We left our things in the tables. Since there were no provided lockers.

There’s a lot of things you can do in the resort. There are restaurants in the area and i must say ang sarap ng halo halo nila! I enjoyed the balsa ride, But the lunch at the man made falls was the best part of villa escudero. It’s because we ate while our feet were soaked in the water and ofcourse the eat-all-you-can haha! Nasulit ang bayad! :p After eating we took a dip in the swimming pool and waited for the cultural show and then went home. 

Overall, It was an amazing experience! We only paid for the day package but i would love to go back and stay there overnight.

I missed blogging ha lol! Sorry for being a very lazy blogger. But don’t worry many more overdue blog posts to come! 



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